Our Mission

The Right Question Institute (RQI) is a non-profit educational organization offering what many people consider to be the simplest, most powerful strategy available for helping people in low and moderate-income communities learn to advocate for themselves, participate in decisions that affect them and partner with service-providers and public officials. RQI’s innovative methods are delivered through educational, health care, social service, community-based organizations and public agencies all over the country and beyond.


A vibrant democracy in which all citizens – even those farthest from power – can think for themselves and can effectively advocate for themselves, their families and their communities.  Individual citizens confidently participating in their common and ordinary encounters with public agencies and services will produce examples of what we call  “Microdemocracy,” a new starting point for democratic action.  Microdemocracy is a cornerstone of a strong foundation for a more just society.


The mission of The Right Question Institute is to improve education for all students, tackle key causes and consequences of poverty and inequality and strengthen democracy. We train staff from a wide range of programs, schools and agencies to use the Right Question Strategy, a deceptively simple but transformational educational strategy for teaching two skills: to ask questions and to participate effectively in decisions. All people, no matter their level of income or education, can use these essential yet rarely taught advocacy and democratic skills to begin to help themselves, their families and communities