Giving a TEDX Talk

A couple of months ago I gave the opening talk (14 minutes) for a day long TEDxSomerville (MA) event. There was a full house, more than 300 people, and, as I later found out, many of them were part of a burgeoning ‘creative economy‘ in the city. Somerville, I learned from one of the TEDx […]

inQuiring minds #002

It’s week 2 of inQuiring minds, and once again we’re providing you with a snapshot of blogs, articles, ideas, opportunities and interesting thought pieces we’ve discovered on the web. Let us know what you think—share your comments below, post on our Facebook page, or tweet @RightQuestion! We start off this week with a recommendation from […]

inQuiring minds #001

Here’s a snapshot of blogs, articles, ideas, opportunities and interesting thought pieces we’ve recently discovered on the web. We invite you to send us a quick line on what you find as well! Don’t forget to join the conversation anytime—participate in our Educator Network, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. THE POWER […]

A question is…a unique and potentially sophisticated instrument.

A question is more than the simple thing we might think it is – it’s a unique and potentially sophisticated instrument. – Leon Neyfakh in “Are We Asking the Right Questions” in the Boston Sunday Globe IDEAS section, May 20, 2012 Week in and week out, The Boston Sunday Globe IDEAS section offers one of […]

Make the Work Easier for Teachers: Teach Students to Think for Themselves

What do a middle school teacher in a challenging Atlanta public school and a Ph.D graduate student teaching undergraduate physics students at Harvard College have in common? They’re both working too hard.  We’ve heard from both of them and from many other educators that they wind up doing too much thinking for their students.  There may, in […]

Dominique’s story: Using RQI skills to prevent an illegal eviction attempt

This is another posting from our volunteer guest blogger, Nathalie Alegre. For more information about Nathalie, see the intro to her piece about Earldine Tolbert and RQI’s voter engagement initiative. Dominique is a young woman  new to Philadelphia and intent on obtaining her GED, the high school equivalency certification. “Getting the GED,” as it is […]

The Lasting Value of the Voter Engagement Strategy for Election Day and Beyond

We have a guest blogger on the Microdemocracy Blog. Nathalie Alegre immigrated from Peru with her family when she was 17 years old. After attending community college in Miami, she transferred to Yale University and in 2008 received a B.A. in Environmental Studies and is currently engaged in environmental organizing in New Haven, CT. She’s been interviewing some of the great […]

“He Prizes Questions More Than Answers”

We’ve been so busy that we haven’t been able to set aside the time to write. But, the stories coming in are too compelling for us not to write, so we’ll get started again. Before we start writing about them, though, a short piece in yesterday’s NY Times helped spur me back to the keyboard. […]

Teaching the RQP Civic Engagement Strategy and Learning Lifelong Skills in a Women’s Prison

Sheila teaches adult education at the county jail in Wilmington Indiana. Her courses are the only education inmates get while they’re in jail; she teaches them to read, prepares them for the GED, overall college readiness and life skills. Sheila was trained to teach adult education using traditional methods, focusing on independent study, testing, drilling. […]

Recent Right Question Project Trainings in Israel

Here’s a report on some fascinating work I did in Israel in February. It was a very moving experience and a wonderful opportunity to work with staff from Jewish and Arab organizations doing great work in a challenging context. Enjoy. Dan RQP in Israel Report 2009