Happy 2013!

This has been an exciting year in the life of the Right Question Institute. Last year, we changed our name to the “Right Question Institute,” and Harvard Education Press published our book, Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions. At the time it was published, Mike Rose (author of Why School? Reclaiming Education for All of Us) pronounced, “This book begins with the seemingly simple request to get students to ask their own questions, but at heart it’s a book about creating a classroom alive with dialogue, inquiry, and respect for students’ minds.”

We couldn’t have imagined how our book would be embraced everywhere–from high-income to low-income school districts, in middle and high schools, and by veteran educators as well as new teachers–and the powerful effect it would have on classrooms.

This Year…
This year, our work as an Institute became a reality. We moved from working on only a few projects to being a national–and indeed international–resource. In addition, Make Just One Change has sold close to 10,000 copies since its publication and remains one of the top-viewed books on the Harvard Education Press website.

Julie Grimm’s 2nd grade classroom, Hagerstown, MD

Next Year…
We’ve made it to this day thanks to the support of friends and communities with which we’ve worked. But there’s so much more to do. We are working to:

* Expand our online network to provide free resources to educators across the globe.

* Offer on-site trainings to educators around the country who want to learn more about how best to implement the QFT in their classrooms.

* Bring our healthcare strategy to patients in low-income communities and expand our work in Microdemocracy.

Every year, we work with new partners and new communities to help people help themselves. We are inspired by the remarkable people with whom we have worked this past year: dedicated teachers, visionary health care providers, struggling but determined students, active patients, and resilient residents. They see RQI as a great resource, one made available to them thanks to your support.

Our very best wishes to you for a happy and peaceful 2013!

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