Civil Rights Movements in Mississippi

Middle School History

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Lesson/UnitVoting Rights

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Brief description of the unitThis lesson introduced students to the history, strategies, and challenges facing by people in Mississippi in their struggle for voting rights in the early 1960s.
Final QFocusPeople in Mississippi have risked everything for the right to vote.

Student Work

Student Questions

Priority questions in bold

  1. In risking everything, were people persecuted for voting rights?
  2. What gave them this right?
  3. Did this happen in other states?
  4. Were there as many risks in other states compared to MS?
  5. How mentally and physically were people prepared to fight for their rights in MS?
  6. Why do Mississippians have to risk everything to vote?
  7. Who risked everything?
  8. How many people risked everything?
  9. Who helped the people be able to vote?
  10. Why did voting matter?
  11. What did people risk trying to get voting rights?
How did Students Use their Questions

Explain that these are some of the questions they can explore as they engage in this lesson.

What were your prioritization instructions?

Once the groups have at least 15 questions each, have students review their lists and pick the three questions that are most important to them.

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