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Hiding from Hurricanes

2nd Grade Weather Concepts: Hurricanes

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Created ByJulie Grimm
SchoolRuth Ann Monroe Primary School
LocationHagerstown, MD

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Subject Area
Lesson/UnitWeather Concepts

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Place in the Unit/LessonBeginning
Brief description of the unitDeveloping research questions
Final QFocusHurricanes

Student Work

Student Questions

Priority questions in bold

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Group 1:

  1. Why are hurricanes diffrint [sic] than tornadoes?
  2. How are hurricanes created?
  3. Why are hurricanes made of water and air?

Book 1:
What do hurricanes do?
How do hurricanes start?
What is the difference between a hurricane and a tornado?
Where do hurricanes form?

Book 2:
Where do hurricanes start?
How do they name hurricanes?
How do they predict hurricanes?
What makes hurricanes so dangerous?

Book 3:
How Dose a Hurricane start?
Why do peopel chase hurricanes?
How long is a hurricane?
What is the difference between a hurricane and a tornato?
What is the Eye of a Hurricane?

How did Students Use their Questions

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What were your prioritization instructions?

IMG_1214Questions about Hurricanes

*O1. Why are Hurricanes diffrint than tornadoes? 2

O2. What is in the middle of a hurricane?

C3. What else do hurricans do?

*O4. How are hurrcanes created? 1

C5. Why dose a hurricane have an eye?

*C6. Why are hurricanes made of water and air? 3

O7. Why do hurricanes have strong winds?

O8. Why are hurricans in sertent places?

C9. Why do hurricanes have a hole on the top of them?

O10. Why are hurricanes created in the sky?

O : open question
C: closed question
Bold: 3 Best questions

Book 1: Hurricanes
by Camden, Dillion, Zake, Taylor

What do hurricanes do?
Facts: They kill you if your not in your basement.

How do hurricanes start?
A hurricane starts with a few basics, one of which is a very warm ocean to serve as a source of energy. The second is some kind of disturbance or a windy area.

IMG_1215Drawing of picture of hurricane next to tornado

What is the difference between a hurricane and a tornado?
Hurricanes start over warm ocean water, The water acts as source of energy waiting to be activated by a storm front or an upper level disturbance (a front above the surface). Hurricanes start over the oceans and die once they move over land, although they can do a lot of damage even as they weaken. Hurricanes are very, very large. Tornadoes need collision of very warm moist air and very dry, cold air and some upper level winds to act like a chimney to move energy away from the storm. A tornado starts as a funnel cloud. A hurricane starts as a bunch of clouds that spin around and turn into a tropical storm. They both can start over water, and both of them have eyes.

Where do hurricanes form?
They form with the air. Most start with tropical storms with low pressure ares form in warm watr.

Book 2: Hurricanes

By Jack, Nathan S., Nathan H, Gabbi

Table of Contes:

  • Where Do Hurricanes Start        p 1
  • How do they Name Hurricanes         p 2
  • How do they Predict Hurricanes    p 3
  • What makes Hurricanes so Dangerous  p 4

Where do hurricanes start?
300 Miles north or south of the equator in the ocean.

IMG_1223How do they name hurricanes?
Meteorologists make 6 lists in alphabetical order. They follow the lists as The storm happen.

  • A Andrew
  • B Bob
  • C Cesar
  • D Dean
  • E Edan
  • F Fifi

How do they predict hurricanes?
Scientists use a barometer.

What makes hurricanes so dangerous?
A hurricane is so dangerous because it is very windy and because it has very big waves.

Book 3: Hurricanes
by Elizabeth, Danielle, Ashlyn, Lanaya, Devin

Index Contents

  1. How Dose a Hurricane start?
  2. Why do Peopel Chase Hurricanes?
  3. How long is a Hurricane?
  4. What is the Difference Between a Hurricane and a tornato?
  5. What is the Eye of a Hurricane?

How a hurricane starts
A hurricane starts in tropicle water then warm most air riseis above the erth and cools. the cooling caseis moster to condense into tiny droplets of water that form into clouds.

Why do people chase hurricanes?
People chase hurricanes because they want to collect data!

How long is a hurrcane?
A Hurrcane usually in take days to develop the fastest a hurrcane mite from hours of two days if a tornado however is spawned from a thunderstorm a thunderstorm, a take a day.

What is the difference between a hurricane and a tornado?
A hurricane start over warm water, acts as a source of energy away from the storm. A tornado are much smaller events but they are very very violent.

What is the eye of a hurricane?
Inside of the hurricane is a bit breezy and it looks like it is dark and light. And it is peaceful. The eye is the middle of a hurricane.

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“I like the questions”

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