Insect Pollinators

2nd Grade ELL Classroom

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Created ByNellie Mae
SchoolElementary School

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Lesson/UnitBee Pollination

Using the QFT

Place in the Unit/LessonBeginning
Brief description of the unitStudents will understand insect anatomy and pollination by the end of the unit.
Final QFocusWe showed students how pollination works with demonstration acted out by two student volunteers.

Student Work

Student Questions

Priority questions in bold

Group 1

  1. How do bees drink nectar?
  2. How do bees get the pollen stuck to their fur?
  3. How do bees make beehives?

Group 2

  1. Why are bees attracted to yellow?
  2. WHy do some seeds have holes?
How did Students Use their Questions

Since this was a second grade classroom teaching artist wrote student’s questions on the board for the whole class to see. Next students, had a chance to observe bees in petri dishes with a magnifying class to help them observe the bees more carefully. Students then were able to sketch and list characteristics that could help bees pollinate.

What were your prioritization instructions?

At the end of the demonstration please, please ask questions about what is happening.

Student Comments
  • “I notice that the bees have fur on their legs”.
  • “I see a stinger on the back of the bee”.
  • “Insects can fly from one plant to another”.
  • “Some insects like sweet nectar and other insects like stinking stuff”

Teacher Reflections