Juvenile Justice

High School students use the QFT to explore social issues

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Created ByKelly Hass
SchoolGlenbard West High School
LocationGlen Ellyn, IL

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Lesson/UnitSocial Issues

Using the QFT

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Brief description of the unitStudents will be researching to determine if juvenile offenders should be tried as adults.
Final QFocus

Student Work

Student Questions

Priority questions in bold

Group One:

  1. Where did he live?
  2. Did he sell drugs?
  3. What kind of people did he meet in prison?
  4. Did he have to do anything against his will?
  5. Where were his parents?
  6. Did he get in trouble in prison?
  7. How old is he?
  8. How did he get there?
  9. How many years did he serve?
  10. What type of school did he go to?
  11. Was he in a gang?
  12. Did he do drugs?
  13. Why do people get out of prison to do bad things?
  14. Why do guards fight with inmates?
  15. What kinds of programs are in the prison?
  16. How do people start a new life when they leave prison?
  17. How many therapists were there?
  18. Did the prison help anyone?
  19. How many people get help?

Group Two:

  1. Why was he in jail?
  2. What was the fight he had about?
  3. How many times was he pulled aside by an officer?
  4. How long was his sentence in jail?
  5. Did he get visitors?
  6. How old was he when he got out?
  7. What was he trying to change?
  8. What was his message to teens?
  9. How do juveniles avoid recidivism?
  10. How many prisoners per house and unit?
  11. How are juveniles supposed to change in jail?
  12. How do juveniles get help?
  13. How did he get in jail?
  14. How long was his sentence?
How did Students Use their Questions

Students will be reading and researching a variety of opinions regarding how best to serve juvenile offenders–there is brain research, various laws, etc. all worth reading about. Students will use their questions to shape their research and create a short documentary about their findings. They will have to pose a final question, create a claim, and support the claim through the creation of the documentary.

What were your prioritization instructions?

Essentially, to remember that we would be doing some research. So…what are you really interested in knowing?

Teacher Reflections