Maps QFT

Exploring Maps

2nd Grade Maps

General Info

Created ByDarren Elves
SchoolElementary School
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
RoleTeacher & IB Coordinator

About the Lesson

Subject Area

Using the QFT

Place in the Unit/LessonBeginning
Brief description of the unitKeep these questions posted as a line of inquiry throughout the unit.
Final QFocusMaps are tools that help us to know where we are and where we want to go

Student Work

Student Questions

Priority questions in bold

  • What is a map?
  • Why are maps tools?
  • Could a map be a book?
  • Why do we need to know where we are?
  • Do some maps have mistakes on them?
  • Is there a map for every place in the world?
  • Does everyone use a map?
  • Why do maps have compasses/ arrows on them?
  • Are there other arrows/ directions?
  • Is there more to what maps are?
  • How many maps are there?
  • How many types of maps are there, and what are they called?
  • What info on a map can help me?
  • Can maps come in different shapes and sizes?
  • Why are maps called maps?
  • What size are all maps? Different maps?
  • Can maps be used for other things?
  • Why are maps so important?
  • Do we always need maps?
  • Who invented/ discovered maps?
  • How do they (map makers) study all the roads in the world?
  • Why does it show you where to go?
  • How do they tell you where to go?
  • Why do we need maps?

Teacher Reflections