Stories of the Future

High School English

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Created ByAmie Newberry
SchoolMcQueen High School
LocationReno, NV

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Lesson/UnitStories of the Future & Stories of Beauty

Using the QFT

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Brief description of the unitIn the first unit (Stories of the Future), I use QFT in teaching Fahrenheit 451 and 1984. Later, I have used the QFT to summarize our semester study and to introduce the new unit Stories of Beauty.
Final QFocusLanguage is the most important tool humans have.

Student Work

Student Questions

Priority questions in bold

Group 1

  1. Will we ever destroy words?
  2. Should everyone speak the same language?
  3. How would society function without language?
  4. Should there be one universal language?
  5. Are there other forms of communication?
  6. Why is language the most important tool humans have?
  7. Who decides how language is used in 1984 and in our world?
  8. What kind of language is used in 1984 and how does it affect this world?
  9. Why is language important?
  10. Can language be suppressed?
  11. To what extent has language been used throughout history?
  12. What does language represent?
  13. How can language be expressed differently?
  14. How can a language deprive someone’s happiness?
  15. Does language have to be words?
  16. How was the first language invented?
  17. What would society look like without language?
  18. How important is freedom of speech?
  19. Should there be one worldwide language?
  20. Do thoughtpolice have to use newspeak?
  21. How far can a language be simplified before it’s completely erased?

Group 2

  1. How would we express ourselves without language?
  2. Is there anything more important that language?
  3. Would society be where it is today without language?
  4. In what ways can art count as a language?
  5. Could we still survive without language?
  6. How would emotions change without language?
  7. Without language would we still be able to form bonds?
  8. Would it be better if everyone spoke the same language?
  9. How would life be different without language?
  10. If we didn’t have language how would we communicate?
  11. How do languages evolve?
  12. What other tools do we have as humans?
  13. What tools could we use without language?
  14. Without language, what would our lives be like?
  15. How does language define us?
  16. Would life be different if we never translated different languages?
  17. How does communication through language help us develop?
  18. Would we still express emotion the same way without language?

Group 3

  1. Is writing more important than speaking?
  2. Is communication considered a tool?
  3. Can music be considered a type of language?
  4. What distinguishes language from other forms of communication?
  5. Why do we have different languages?
  6. Do we need language to communicate well?
  7. What would the world be like if we all spoke the same language?
  8. How can music be considered a language?
  9. Where would we be without language?
  10. What makes it the most important tool?
  11. If you have a language, but you don’t use it, is it still important?
  12. What tools are more important than language?
  13. Is there a language that is the best?
  14. Should we enforce a universal language?
  15. Why is some of our language forbidden?
  16. What does language include (music,writing,etc)?
  17. How can language help or hurt us?
  18. Is language an important tool for animals?

Group 4

  1. Why don’t we just dance our feelings away?
  2. How can we use language as a weapon?
  3. What is the world without communication?
  4. Do censored words have a purpose?
  5. Has language evolved over time?
  6. Has language impacted society?
  7. How can our tool be destroyed?
  8. How does this tool impact our society?
  9. Do we use language as a weapon?
  10. Do we need all of these languages?
  11. Is language only verbal?
  12. Can we communicate without language?
  13. What makes language the most important?
  14. Are there negative uses of language?
  15. How would humans be able to communicate without language?
  16. How does language hurt people?
  17. Can language hinder communication?
  18. How does language affect people?
How did Students Use their Questions

They used their questions to answer a MEWW (Mental Exploration with Words).

What were your prioritization instructions?

What is the most important question in regard to our world and 1984?

Teacher Reflections

I like putting the students in the drivers seat. It’s powerful to watch them wrestle with their thinking.

They want to quickly prioritize to move through the process. They need better training or more practice on HOW and WHY prioritization matters. Sometimes they are tired from the process and settle too easily on the Qs without really analyzing if those Qs will work best for them.

I’ve done the QFT three times. They students are starting to understand the process better, so it moves more quickly (which is nice). I introduced this concept to my colleagues and my principal observed a lesson. Everyone was very intrigued by the process.