A Study of Water

High School Ecology

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Created ByNancy Pearson
SchoolHigh School
LocationCarol Stream, IL

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Place in the Unit/LessonPrior to the field trip to the water treatment plant.
Brief description of the unitStudents study chemical properties of water, the water cycle, global importance of water and the water treatment process. Finally, they learn how to test water quality.
Final QFocusWater Treatment Plant

Student Work

Student Questions

Priority questions in bold

Group 1

  1. How long does it take to make fresh water?
  2. Does the plant only treat sewage water?
  3. Where does the poo go?
  4. Where is Klein Creek?
  5. How much sewage passes through the plant daily?
  6. Did they flush the fish? Did the fish come from the treatment plant?
  7. How long does the process take to reach Klein Creek?
  8. How much does the process cost?
  9. What kind of clothing do the workers wear?
  10. What kind of salary do the workers earn (Beginning salary and experienced person salary)
  11. What are the steps taken at a treatment plant?
  12. What types of stuff get flushed?
  13. How do they know the water is clean?
  14. What purifies the water?
  15. What classifies water to be “clean”?
  16. What type of machines purify water?
  17. Does our toilet water go to Kline Creek?

Group 2

  1. Should we worry?
  2. What does Klein Creek have to do with water treatment?
  3. Where does the water go after you flush?
  4. Are chemicals used to treat water?
  5. What do they do with the goldfish that are flushed?
  6. Why is Klein Creek significant?
  7. What percentage of waste is cleaned from the water?
  8. Does only toilet water get treated?
  9. Who funds the treatment plant?
  10. What would happen if we didn’t clean the water?
  11. How many treatment plants are there in Illinois?
  12. How safe is the water after it comes out of the
  13. How much do the workers make who work here?
  14. Did the workers go to college?
How did Students Use their Questions

Students were given the compiled list of priority questions that had been generated by their class. They were challenged to find the answers to as many questions as possible during the field trip by listening carefully to our tour guide and then asking unanswered questions at the end of the tour.

What were your prioritization instructions?

What questions wuold you most like answered on our field trip to the water treatment plant?

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