The Wolf

Using the QFT to promote reading comprehension in elementary school

General Info

Created ByJoel Karchmer
SchoolElementary School
LocationLos Angeles, CA

About the Lesson

Subject Area
Lesson/UnitReading Comprehension

Using the QFT

Place in the Unit/LessonAt the end
Brief description of the unitStudents wil be able to ask questions
Final QFocusThe main character Wolf was an interesting character

Student Work

Student Questions

Priority questions in bold

    1. Why did Wolf wear glasses?
    2. Why did the Wolf go to the farm?
    3. Why did the farm animals want to be friends with the Wolf?
    4. How did the Wolf get money?
    5. Why did the Wolf walk on two legs?
    6. Why didn’t the Wolf go in a pack?
    7. Did the Wolf go on a picnic with the farm animals?
    8. Did the Wolf go to the farm to eat the animals?
How did Students Use their Questions

The questions were used to create a test based on the story “Wolf.” More specifically, I went through all of the questions generated by students, and chose the most relevant and useful questions to assess students’ understanding of the story.

Student Comments

Reflections were oral and most students stated that the questions helped them to understand the story better and to work with one another in collaborative groups.

Teacher Reflections

Most students did very well on their chapter test on the story “Wolf.” The grades were markedly higher for this test than others for which the tests originated 100% from the California Treasures anthology. Most students 16 out of 20 were actively engaged in the process, working together to complete questions. The 4 who were not were either special needs students and/or students with motivation issues for which, on future occasions, will have a modified role in the questioning process (ie. be the writer of questions rather than the creator and/or be the person who comes up with just ONE question, not a slew of them like their peers.) As this was my first QFT Lesson, there was some stumbling on my part over the process/procedures. I need to become more familiar with the procedures and the issues that develop during the lesson. More practice using QFT will help in this regard. I will modify the lesson for special needs/unmotivated students and try to pre-plan the lesson more conscientiously.