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Effective Patient Strategy

An Evidence-Based Approach to Patient Activation

The Right Question Effective Patient Strategy makes it possible for all patients, no matter their level of education, to more effectively:

  • partner with healthcare providers
  • participate in decisions that affect them
  • navigate the healthcare system
  • take more ownership of their own health

The Right Question Effective Patient Strategy™ (RQ-EPS™) can be easily integrated into regular interactions with patients and existing opportunities for patient education. Health educators and providers and support staff can use the Right Question Strategy to:

  • Teach patients how to generate and prioritize their questions and focus on decisions about healthcare concerns and treatment
  • Encourage reluctant and hesitant patients to ask their questions
  • Support patient efforts to participate more actively in their own healthcare
  • Promote more patient-provider shared decision-making
The passive patient… The effective patient…
  • Shows up without preparation
  • Waits for doctor’s instructions
  • Is afraid to voice his or her own concerns
  • Forgets or feels frustrated and confused by doctor’s advice
  • Prepares a written list of priority questions before the visit
  • Asks questions and follows up until he or she understands
  • Participates in decision making
RQ-EPS Successes in Community Health Settings:

Two studies in urban community health settings showed marked increases in patient activation. One of the studies found that those patients who began at the lowest levels of the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) scores saw the greatest improvement following use of the RQ-EPS.

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